Sony 007 spy gadgets

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Picture_1_245This limited-edition kit, launched to tie-in with the new Bond movie, Casino Royale, features an 11-inch Sony Vaio TX laptop equipped with an Intel Core Solo processor and an 80GB hard drive. It comes packaged in a 007-branded aluminium attaché case – try taking that on the Tube without getting laughed at. Sony has also thrown in one if its CyberShot DSC-T50 digicams, handy for, er, taking ‘secret’ photographs. Unfortunately the Sony 007 Spy Gear kit is not yet available in the UK, but we’re sure that you could find a way to smuggle in a grey import – mini submarine disguised as a dolphin, anyone?

Sony also does a ‘UX’ version of the spy kit, which comes instead with a Vaio UX MicroPC, a Bluetooth GPS receiver and the DSC-T50 camera. And did we mention the 007-branded 1GB USB key? Oop, that’s torn it, we’ve blabbed.

If all this talk of 007 has whetteed your appetite for the new film, you can watch the trailer below…