Sony 007 spy gadgets

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Picture_1_245This limited-edition kit, launched to tie-in with the new Bond movie, Casino Royale, features an 11-inch Sony Vaio TX laptop equipped with an Intel Core Solo processor and an 80GB hard drive. It comes packaged in a 007-branded aluminium attaché case – try taking that on the Tube without getting laughed at. Sony has also thrown in one if its CyberShot DSC-T50 digicams, handy for, er, taking ‘secret’ photographs. Unfortunately the Sony 007 Spy Gear kit is not yet available in the UK, but we’re sure that you could find a way to smuggle in a grey import – mini submarine disguised as a dolphin, anyone?

Sony also does a ‘UX’ version of the spy kit, which comes instead with a Vaio UX MicroPC, a Bluetooth GPS receiver and the DSC-T50 camera. And did we mention the 007-branded 1GB USB key? Oop, that’s torn it, we’ve blabbed.

If all this talk of 007 has whetteed your appetite for the new film, you can watch the trailer below…

By ShinyMedia | November 7th, 2006