Frank Gehry Fossil watch

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This is a quirky little watch, designed by postmodern architect Frank Gehry and developed by Fossil. Hands up if you know what a postmodern architect does? Apart from design watches smart alec! Anyway, this watch has an mental time read out display in Frank Gehry’s own script. If the time is 11:30, the display reads in script, "half past 11" and if the time is 12:54, it reads as "6 til 1". Weird eh? The display also automatically switches back and forth showing a negative screen during daylight hours and a positive screen at night.

It contains the usual stuff as well as a calendar function. For $150.00 you get a brushed titanium case with a silver colored titanium plate around the perimeter of the display, a black genuine leather strap and an 11-year warranty. Not bad eh? Also available in brown. BUY IT

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