FruitBalls fruit bowls

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Fruitballs Men don’t eat enough fruit. But we do like football. Combine these two well-recognised concepts, and you’d probably come up with a fruit bowl that’s shaped like a football, to cunningly tempt us blokes into munching a few apples. Except then you’d realise someone had invented it already. FruitBalls are designed to look like deflated footballs and basketballs, but they’re proper ceramic bowls.

Ideal for filling full of healthy fruit and standing on a table (note: you don’t actually have to eat the fruit – just having it on display improves your all-round health by 24.6%). At least until the dog makes a grab for it and ends up spitting teeth all over the carpet. Nasty business. They cost £34.95, and are being sold by Firebox. BUY IT

By admin | November 8th, 2006