Hero of the day: Pierluigi Collina

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Name Pierluigi Collina

Job Super Referee.

Special Powers Taking no shit from brattish footballers and giving the deathly thousand yard stare.

He said "Some thought losing hair could be a problem for a referee. I showed that wasn’t true. Plus, I save on hair products."

They said Germany and Bayern goalkeeper Oliver Kahn once joked,
"Collina is a world-class referee, there’s no doubt about that, but he
doesn’t bring luck, does he?"

Finest hour Perhaps the greatest distinctions of Collina’s career was earning the hatred of Luciano Moggi, the Juventus official and chief instigator of the 2006 Serie A scandal. Collina was one of the referees that Moggi attempted to have punished for decisions that Collina made against Juventus. You see? He does take any nonesense… from anyone.

Did You Know? Suffers from ‘Alopecia Areata’, a disease that causes hairlessness and thus is the reason for his baldness… not some horrific style shock tactic to frighten Juventus officials.

Collina on YouTube

By mofgimmers | November 8th, 2006