Intelligent surveillance and guard robot

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GuardrobotOkay, so Arnie isn’t taking time off from his day job governing California any time soon to whup Kim Jong-il’s butt. But South Korea has unveiled an Intelligent Surveillance and Guard Robot, which is going to patrol its border and shoot at any intruders. It’s like a robotic sentry gun, which booms out "Who goes there?’ (in Korean) when it detects someone, and then OPENS FIRE WITHOUT MERCY.

Prototypes of the bot are being trialled this year, and assuming it goes well (i.e. they don’t try to storm the Seoul Parliament and set up a robo-republic), they could be on duty sometime next year. Even better, there’s a YouTube video of the ISGR in action, complete with what sounds like a 1980s US cop show backing track.

(via Technovelgy)

By admin | November 8th, 2006