Hero of the day: Jeff Stelling

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Name Jeff Stelling

Job Live and on the spot football score announcer and news breaker.

Special Powers Managing to store incredible amounts of football infomation in his mind and someone keeping some reserves for getting rather excitable.

He said "They’ll be dancing in the streets of Total Network Solutions tonight"

They said The Guardian praised his "exceptional professionalism and elan" whilst When Saturday Comes described him as "perhaps the best sports presenter on British TV".

 Finest hour In 2003 Super Stelling won a sports presenter special of The Weakest Link. No mean feat for someone under the evil beady glare of Anne Robinson. Also, in 2005, Stelling was offered by the BBC to front Score (their Saturday results service), however, even though he was blatantly first choice for the Beeb, he turned it down and the job was given to Ray Stubbs

Did You Know? Jeff does most of his research for the footy at Winchester Services "because I know I’ll get a bit of peace and quiet away from the kids." Basically, he just nips off, Alan Partridge style for a few hours. In the words of Stelling "Lovely facilities, nice coffee, and there’s never anyone there." 

Stelling on YouTube

By mofgimmers | November 10th, 2006