Solarventi SolarVent SV30H Plus water heater

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Okay, so this isn’t a gadget, you can’t play with it, and you won’t have mates coming round to gaze at it with barely-disguised awe and envy. But it is rather nifty nonetheless. It’s called the SolarVent SV30H Plus, and it’s the world’s first solar-powered combi water heater and warm air dehumidifier.

In other words, it heats your water and makes your air smell sweet, without needing any electricity or fossil fuels. Which besides being green, also means it costs nothing to run once you’ve paid the £2,460 to buy it. It works all year round, and SolarVenti reckons it’s ideal for people’s second homes and holiday cottages, to stop mould growing when they’re not there.

(SolarVenti website)

By admin | November 13th, 2006