Global VR virtual pinball machine

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Screen_4763This is the ultimate boy’s toy – a virtual pinball machine for the 21st century. It’s built into a proper cabinet, but instead of featuring real balls, bumpers etc, it has a 32-in plasma monitor as the table display. Sweet. It can play six popular pinball games, including Attack from Mars, Medieval Madness and Xenon.

The manufacturers, Global VR, say that to make it feel and sound like an original machine it has what it calls a ‘Force Feedback System’ which simulates good, old-fashioned bumping and tilting. There’s also a digital amplifier for top-quality audio. As it’s software-driven, additional games can easily be added in the future. No details on price, but I imagine you’d get little change out of a few grand. LINK
[Via Tech Digest]

By ShinyMedia | November 14th, 2006