Hero of the day: Brian Cant

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Name Brian Cant

Job Silky voiced kids TV presenter.

Special Powers The ability to be everyone’s favourite uncle.

He said "Here is a box, a musical box, wound up and ready to play. But this box can hide a secret inside. Can you guess what is in it today ?"

They said "Brian Cant made ‘Playaway’, ‘Trumpton’ and ‘Camberwick Green’ compulsive viewing for millions of children and adults alike, securing his place in television history as the Grandfather of children’s programming."

Finest hour Our Brian is particularly well known for his work on many BBC children’s programmes from the 1960s to the 1980s, including Play School, Play Away, Camberwick Green, Trumpton, and Chigley. He was doing a drama based BBC TV Schools Programmes about the Romans when he heard auditions were being held for a children’s programme which was to be shown on the then brand new BBC2 channel. He went for an audition and was asked to get in a cardboard box and ‘row out to sea’. Thus began his eighteen years with Play School.

Save for a couple of fine appearances in Doctor Who, the moment he stepped into that cardboard box is without question his finest hour.

Did you know? His mother’s father was a roller-skater on the halls. He used to go round the music halls doing his skating act on a tiny little portable rink. Oh, and he’s a keen supporter of Ipswich Town.

Brian Cant on YouTube

By mofgimmers | November 15th, 2006