Hero of the day: Kendo Nagasaki

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Name Kendo Nagasaki (but his mum called him Peter Thornley)

Job Mysterious masked wrestler.

Special Powers Other than being a man of mystery, Kendo had the power of hypnosis. Few unmasked the great man, many tried.

He said "There are two sides to me – two sides to everybody. But this is my way of releasing one of them. I wear the mask because when I’m like that I don’t want people to see what I look like"

They said "Booooooooooooooo!"

Finest hour  After a hard fought contest with Big Daddy, and with one submission each on their score card, Big Daddy (Shirley Crabtree to his mum) brought his full bulk down on Kendo with his signature move, the big splash. With the masked man winded and groggy Daddy went for the mask,   undid the ties and pulled it right off – for the first time ever fans in Solihull along with millions more at home got their first clear look at Nagasaki. There was a star tattoo in the middle of his shaved forehead with a pony tail running down the back,  his red eyes staring out in wild panic. Quickly Kendo dived off the ropes and in an amazing flying tackle took Crabtree down for a winning fall, within seconds George (his manager) was in the ring with another mask but the damage was done. Big Daddy had given the British public their first glimpse of the man they loved to hate, in the few days between the recording and the match going to air the press leaked the news that Nagasaki would be seen minus his familiar stripes, the result was that the viewing figures were enormous.

Kendo Nagasaki on YouTube

By mofgimmers | November 16th, 2006