Crap Trumps > Top Trumps

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The Top Trumps revival is seemingly still going strong, although I’ve seen some space-hoppers being sold in some high-street shops, so maybe they’re about to usurp its ‘ironic retro-toy du jour’ title. Anyway, Firebox is thinking a bit more imaginatively, and is selling Crap Trumps. Like Top Trumps, but featuring "shoddy, uninspiring tat".

The first pack focuses on rubbish cars and vehicles, including the Sinclair C5 and, er, a donkey-drawn lorry. Stats you compare include wiper speed, surface area rust, cost to achieve MOT, and an overall ‘crap factor’. Meanwhile, there’s also a special Christmas pack, which involves comparing things like ‘humouring relatives’, ‘buying knackered crackers’ and ‘finding yellow snow in your garden’. Each pack costs £7.95. BUY IT