Hero of the day: John Peel

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Name John Robert Parker Ravenscroft OBE  aka John Peel

Job The most important DJ of all time.

Special Powers Unswerving sense of what is musically right and dead pan humour.

He said On his compering debut on TOTP: "In case you’re wondering who this funny old bloke is, I’m the one who comes on Radio 1 late at night and plays records made by sulky Belgian art students in basements dying of TB."

They said His housemaster, R H J Brooke, whom Peel described as "extraordinarily eccentric" wrote on one of his school reports: "Perhaps it’s possible that John can form some kind of nightmarish career out of his enthusiasm for unlistenable records and his delight in writing long and facetious essays."

Finest hour Where on Earth do you start? The Perfumed Garden whiched launched the careers of Marc Bolan and David Bowie? The same show that was the heart that beat through the sixties underground? The countless bands that have been championed by the great man to go on to big things when no-one else would touch them with a shitty stick? The thousands of brilliant Peel Sessions recorded by anyone who was anyone (and some who weren’t anyone at all)? Maybe his finest hour was an act that showed how much people loved Peel, and the subsequent Peel effect. In 1983 unsigned artist Billy Bragg drove to the Radio 1 studios with a mushroom biryani and a copy of his record after hearing Peel mention that he was hungry, the resultant airplay launching his career.

Did you know? We all know how much Peel loved Liverpool FC, but did you know that he loved the Reds so much that he named his kids’ Alexandra Mary Anfield, William Robert Anfield, Thomas James Dalglish, and Florence Victoria Shankly? Good man.

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By mofgimmers | November 17th, 2006

  • Stephen

    Yeap, true legend and really missed. Personally I remember driving to my mothers laughing out loud and on a couple of occasions finding myself crying at some of the sad, but inspiring stories on his Radio 4 show, Home Truths.