Hero of the day: Oliver Postgate

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Name Oliver Postgate

Job The Elvis, Beatles and Dylan of kids TV all rolled in one. In short, genius and programme maker.

Special Powers Creating other worlds, incredible characters and superb stories .

He said "In our time we had been able to found great kingdoms of mountains, ice and snow in our cowsheds. In Peter’s (Firmin, Postgate’s partner at Small Films) big barn we commanded infinities of Outer Space, starred it with heavenly bodies made from old Christmas decorations and made a moon for the Clangers. Today, [KidsTV] is burdened with the search for the millions of pounds which they have to find to fund their glossy products, the entrepreneurs have to lead a very different sort of life. They must hurtle from country to country seeking subscriptions from the TV stations to fund the enormous cost of the films. Each of these stations will often require the format of the proposed film to be adapted to suit its own largest and dumbest market. They have to do this because, for them, children are no longer children, they are a market."

They said "He’s your favourite madcap Uncle, almost Heath Robinson like in his passion for invention and design and creation."

Finest hour All of his creations must go down as his finest hours. Ivor The Engine, The Sagas Of
Noggin The Nog, The Pogles, Pogles Wood,
The Clangers, Bagpuss, Ivor The Engine, Noggin The Nog and
Pinny’s House. Even though TV bosses deemed Smallfilm’s work too unfashionable for the 1980’s, it didn’t stop people’s genuine love of his work, with Bagpuss being voted the greatest children’s TV programme ever made.

Did you know? Postgate is the cousin of actress Angela Lansbury (that woman from Murder She Wrote) and grandson of Labour politician, George Lansbury; some of whose principles he inherited, to the extent that he was prepared to go to prison as a conscientious objector during World War II, as his father had done in 1916. In the 1970s and 1980s Postgate was active in the Anti-nuclear campaign, addressing meetings and writing several pamphlets including The Writing on the Sky. You can find out more about his anti nuclear stance on his official website.

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