Sted-E-Man robot kit

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Well, walking around your living room, anyway. I found Sted-E-Man on a specialist robot website, so you might need to be a bit techy to assemble him – although they do promise you won’t need to do any soldering. He’s a bipedal robot walker, who can turn through 45 degrees in a single turn, meaning he won’t be pulling clunky three-point turns when you want him to switch direction.

Once you’ve built the bot, you can teach him to walk and perform tricks, or pimp him out with all manner of accessories and sensors to turn him into a fearsome killing machine more intelligent robot. And because he’s made from thick plexiglass and steel, he won’t fall apart the first time he topples over your cat. He costs £155 or £224 depending on whether you want an OOPic-R. Whatever that is. BUY IT