PlayStation 3 Hybrid Nike Air Max 90s

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When Nike met Sony and decided to make sweet gaming-trainer love, the results were predictably desirable. Meet the PlayStation 3 Hybrid Air Max 90s. It’s a bit of a mouthful, I know. Only 24 pairs were ever made, and they’re the first Nike Airs to have a Hologram Swoosh on apparently.

The patent leather upper has been designed to mimic the PS3 console’s heat sinks, the back of the shoes have the PS3 launch date (presumably not the European one, grr…), and inside the trainers there are mechanical drawings of the console itself.

What’s more, a pair is being auctioned off for charity here, and with over 11 days to go, bidding has topped the $800 mark. Lawks.

By admin | November 23rd, 2006