Jigsaw wine rack

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There comes a time in every man’s life when he has to stop buying wine by the bottle in Sainsburys according to what’s on a £2-off deal, and start building up a proper wine cellar. But if you’re lacking a cellar, check out this Puzzle Wine Rack, which consists of modular units that can be fitted together into whatever shape you like.

The idea is that you can squeeze it into spaces that would be unsuitable for a traditionally-shaped wine rack. And since it’s made of hard-as-nails ABS polymer, it doesn’t feel flimsy. The system is the work of top designer Gideon Dagan, and is available in two colours: ‘smoke noire’ and ‘cognac amber’. That’ll be grey and gold, then. A single set costs £34.95 from Firebox, or you can get one of each for £59.95. BUY IT