Vertu Signature Duo is not cheap

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The ultra-expensive Vertu handsets have been around for a while now, although unless you’re a.) a footballer, b.) a Russian ‘businessman’, or c.) Gwyneth Paltrow, you won’t have ever considered buying one. Still, they’re fun to dream about, and that’s particularly true of the latest Signature Duo model.

It’s made of stainless steel and titan, but more impressively, the screen is made of sapphire. Which apparently means it won’t ever get scratched – keys in your pocket, being dropped, or full-blown nuclear war. Which will be a load off your mind.

It’s still got the concierge service thrown in too, so you’re just a button-press away from a call-centre speaking English, Russian, French, Spanish and Italian to help you order a pizza at 3am. The price tag? Over $14,800…

(via Mobile Gadget News)