Why your PlayStation3 could help to cure cancer

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And Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s… No, this isn’t some new real-time medical strategy game. It’s something called [email protected], and it’s an application which you can download to your PS3, and then while the console’s on standby (for example, overnight), it crunches numbers for Stanford University boffins who are conducting research into a range of serious diseases.

Any jokes about cancer being cured before any of us Brits can actually get our hands on a PS3 are in bad taste, by the way. Seriously though, there are some knotty issues around this. On the one hand, these kinds of distributed computing projects are A Good Thing, making use of our computers when we’re fast asleep for good causes.

Yet on the other hand, we’re being encouraged to NOT leave our gadgetry on standby overnight, to help save the planet. It’s certainly a thorny issue. On an entirely more flippant level, [email protected] does have lovely 3D atom-ball graphics. Now if they could turn it into a shoot ’em up…

([email protected] website)

By admin | November 24th, 2006