Parrot bluetooth picture frame

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PictureframeYou may be looking at this and yawning to yourself thinking ‘why on Earth would I want to buy a picture frame?’. Well gents, it’s because this little wiz’ is not just your average picture frame. Why? Well, this rascal is rigged up with bluetooth (or "bloody blue teeth or summat" as my Dad calls it) and you can send your favourite snaps to it, meaning that you don’t have to keep the same old photos lying around.

The Parrot frame features a high-resolution LCD screen with 320 x 234
pixels and 262 144 colours to give you sharp picture and the internal
memory can receive and store over 100 photos and display them as you
like. Delete your old photos and easily replace them with your new ones
as you see fit. The cleverest aspect of this is that the frame changes
position to match your photos
as well as the fact that it can be used in landscape or portrait
position. Turn the frame and the photo displayed will automatically be
resized and rotated. You need! BUY IT