Make sweet music with an iBuzz Two MP3 vibrator

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You can’t trust your iPod’s shuffle mode to supply a suitable bedroom soundtrack. One minute you’re gettin’ it on to Marvin Gaye or R Kelly, the next you’re being blasted with the Dead Kennedys’ ‘Too Drunk to F***’. It’s a bit of a passion-killer (unless you’re a big Dead Kennedys fan and/or find irony a big turn-on, of course).

The iBuzz Two may be the answer. It’s the world’s first "music-activated sex toy" – although sex-activated music toy also describes it – which means a vibrator that buzzes and pulses in time to your tunes, along with an extra rabbit stimulator and cock ring. It connects to your iPod, or indeed any audio source. It costs £34.99 from LoveHoney.

Oh, also, the firm has conducted some research to find the biggest tune
turn-ons. R&B is the most popular genre, although some blokes
prefer classical, and a worrying niche opt for brass oompah music. Most
respondants thought Christina Aguilera’s ‘Dirrty’ summed up their sex
lives, although women also cited songs like ‘Amazing’ and ‘Easy’, while
men went for ‘Panic’, ‘Toxic’ and ‘Can We Fix It?’

Men who are listening to Bob The Builder in the bedroom, be very, VERY
ashamed of yourselves. And don’t give me any guff about your big hose and shiny helmet.

(iBuzz Two website)