Talking Transformer action figure

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Don’t lie. Everybody loves Transformers. They were so very very very cool indeed. They pissed all over that Citroen advert with the ice skating robot car in it. In fact, you’d never see Optimus Prime ice skating!

Shooting guns and being authorititive maybe… anyway… time to roll back the years with this ace Transformers 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime, which is going for $70 and is the ultimate in toys for enthusiasts and toy collectors alike. This Optimus really looks the part and has all the little details that you need and barks out phrases from the 1986 film Transformers: The Movie (which starred Eric Idle and Orson Wells no less). A foot tall and out just in time to get you in the mood for the new live action flick starring the Autobots battles against the Decepticons. BUY IT