Jack Daniel’s chess set

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My chess skills are hazy at the best of times, so heaven knows how I’d cope with the game if I was drinking a shot for every piece I took. Happily, this Jack Daniel’s chess set isn’t what you’d think – a whisky version of those vodka-shot chess sets that were popular a couple of years ago.

Instead, it’s a regular chess set, with 32 hand-made resin pieces based on ingredients from JD. So a Belle Of Lincoln – the drink’s original name – decanter is the Queen, corn cobs are the bishops, hard sugar maple wood is the castles, and little Jack Daniel’s bottles are the pawns.

It’s pricey – £159.99 – and won’t be back in stock at the Drinkstuff website until 8th December, but if you’re a whisky buff, it looks great. BUY IT