Boffins working on male birth-control pill

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Got a hot date tonight? Forget popping Viagra before heading out (well, except you Grandad…). British boffins have come up with a male contraceptive pill which contains chemicals that prevent ejaculation for a few hours.

It sounds frankly worrying to me – do you end up going for six hours? – but offers an alternative to the idea of taking a pill every day like women do currently.

The pill’s the work of scientists at King’s College in London, and could apparently be on sale within five years. It apparently doesn’t affect your "sexual satisfaction", and within a few hours your fertility returns to normal, so you can go forth and impregnate with impunity once more.

In a worrying break from its usual policy, the Daily Mail’s story on the pill fails to mention its potential impact on house prices, or draw the obvious conclusions about this foiling at a stroke all those Evil potential single mothers who try to get pregnant to steal benefits etc etc etc

(via Daily Mail)

By admin | November 27th, 2006