4VOO’S make-up range for men

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Sister site Kiss and Makeup brings us ill tidings of a new range of makeup for men. American cosmetics company 4VOO (‘for vous’ – ‘for you’, geddit!) does a nice, metrosexual line in men’s makeup. Why not try 4VOO’s ‘Confidence Corrector’, which, thrillingly, promises to ‘banish dark circles in an instant’. Or be the envy of all your mates by using their ‘Luminous Lips’ stick, which will make your lips ‘radiate with sensual appeal’.

Our favourite, though, is ‘Indelible Eyes’, their mascara (or manscara, as we’d like to name it). It comes in two colours: ‘Raven’ and ‘Brownie’. Enough said. We don’t have a problem with moisturiser and aftershave balm but manscara is a step too far. If you’ve lost all your marbles, or you’re a gay newsreader who likes to do his own slap, and would like to buy any of 4VOO’s products, click HERE.

By ShinyMedia | November 28th, 2006

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