Suck UK magnetic bottle opener

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Sick of scrambling around looking in stupid places to find your bottle opener? Your girlfriend has left the wine opener in the bathroom after her scented candles/trashy novel/glass of wine in the bath evening, and you just can’t wait to crack open your fine ale that you got in for the footy.

Well, instead of chipping your teeth trying to look cool when your mates are ’round, don’t take the soft option and buy twist off caps… why not get one of these elegant pieces of work from the clever sods over at Suck UK? It’s a fridge magnet cum bottle opener.

The fridge magnet works like any other magnetised things that sticks to the front of your fridge, except this one opens your beer from the very place you store it. Genius. It’s a handsome devil too whilst integrating subtley with whatever decor you have (as it’s available in red, white, chrome and black) so it doesn’t have to sit there, yelling out that you’re an alcoholic. A snip at £15.

Buy one from the Suck UK site now… just in time for Christmas.

By mofgimmers | November 30th, 2006