The spray-on condom: safe sex in a can

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Aerosol What’s more likely to make you blush? Nipping into the toilets or your local chemist or for a "packet of three" or buying a can of condom spray?

Well, I’d say the latter, but scientists working at the Institute for Condom Consultancy (yes, it’s really called that) are developing such a thing. It’s not a traditional aerosol, this one sprays your organ from all sides with latex, creating a perfectly-fitting condom ready for use in just five seconds that’s unlikely to slip off.

It’s still in the testing phase (at the volunteer stage if you’re interested), but should be on the market in different strengths and colours in 2008.

By ShinyMedia | December 1st, 2006

  • bubbadave

    this is a great thought! why didnt someone think of this many years ago. i am sure it will help a lot of folks stop the spread of s.t.d’s and the threat of unwanted children. whats more, it may help us men who are uncut and have a problem keeping condoms on. it may even help men that are not quite up to the ‘average’ size condom.

    hell, it may even come in flavors, that may make the spread of oral sex safer.

  • Jezza

    I can think of at least two rechnical problems with this. The first is you can’t ensure that the latex is going to cover and seal the right part effectively (i.e. it won’t be as safe as a real condom). The second is far more fundamental. Speaking personally, if I was in a rampant mood and had to stop to spray an aerosol (i.e. refrigerant) on my dick, I might find my ardour cooled somewhat, and the dimensions of the problem may not survive the encounter 🙂

  • This could be a big hit. At the very least, most women would be delighted to do the spraying.

  • random guy #1

    i’d like to know how you take it off or will i have to walk around with a latex coating permanently infused with my member. but on the other hand i could have a full body condom +1 for that

  • mark

    taken off a pattaya website – condoms are not 100% safe ; my friend got hit by a bus while wearing one!

  • Gino

    This is a really good idea because you can cover more area for protection. Normal Condoms cover most of the Penis but still leave the base exposed and prone to Viral Skin infections such as Herpes and Warts. This product could possible provide extra protection where a normal condom can not. This could provide the safest condom to use that will protect more surface area.

  • Ammy

    if it’s going to be a really tight fit.. where is the semen going to go once it’s come out…

  • Simon

    You can take the condom off like every other. I’ve written an article for recently with all information available on this subject. Hope it helps: