Airdrummer electronic drumsticks

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We’ve all been there. Stood on the middle of a dancefloor – blind drunk – playing terrible air drums whilst all around us pirouette like ballerinas. Well, thankfully, you can get a bit of practice in at home without looking like a complete chump. Dear reader, welcome to the drumsticks that don’t need a drum-kit!

These air-drumsticks a.k.a Rhythm Sticks have a speaker built into its base and when you ‘hit’ the air with them, they make a drum sound! Put on a record by The Who and then try and keep up with Keith Moon… or, annoy people by telling bad jokes and punctuate it with a cymbal crash. Boom tish! That’s not all… read over for more.

There are switches
on the sticks that let you choose between a classical drum and
electronic drum so we can drum along to the intro of Eastenders or some Afrika Bambaataa depending on your preference. Unfortunately (for your neighbours), these things don’t come with headphones, but that’s a good thing as a drums sole purpose is to make as big a racket as you possibly can. Not only that, but you get light up tips so you can drum at night!They need 4 x AA batteries and each stick is 35cm long. For £9.95, you won’t be breaking the bank. BUY IT


By mofgimmers | December 4th, 2006