Hillcrest Labs Freespace TV remote

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Fed up with pressing boring old buttons to change channels? Hillcrest Labs may have the answer. It’s developed a technology called Freespace, which puts motion-sensing into traditional TV remotes.

Its first product is called The Loop, a bracelet-shaped remote that has two buttons and a scroll wheel, and can also translate your arm-wavings into on-screen actions.

It’s going on show at the CES show in January, and apparently some
major consumer electronics manufacturers will be incorporating the
technology into their products next year. Hillcrest has also designed a
HoME media system (their weird caps, not ours) that includes a
"zoomable Graphic User Interface" which replaces text listings with
graphical thumbnail pics.

Bonkers or brilliant? We’ll have to wait until January to be sure. But for now, feast your eyes on the photo and dream of a tactile TV future. Or something. See also Toshiba’s out-of-body virtual helmet for more futuristic telly thrills.

(Hillcrest Labs website)

By admin | December 5th, 2006