Finger Frenzy Party

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When Brandish was young, people learnt to touch-type in secretarial school, or by using PC applications presented by a stern-looking woman called Mavis Beacon. Nowadays, it’s a bit different.

You can practise your typing skillz by playing web games that involve challenging your mates to type obscenities as fast as they can.

That, at least, is the idea behind Finger Frenzy Party.
Well, the obscenities part isn’t, but that’s what I reckon most people
will do with it. The game itself gets you to type words or phrases as
fast as you can, but there’s a Challenge Mode that lets YOU choose the
phrase, then send it to a bunch of friends to see who’s fastest.

most fun way to get RSI we’ve ever seen. Plus there’s a version of
Hangman if you get bored. If you like this, it’s also worth checking out the fab Linerider game we posted about earlier this week.

(Finger Frenzy Party)

By admin | December 5th, 2006