GM Hummer O2 eco concept car

Hummero2challenge17 Engineers at General Motors, makers of the eco-unfriendly Hummer, have created this very cool concept Hummer. It’s called the O2 and it boasts a number of interesting features, including a ‘phototropic’ body
shell that contains algae-filled panels. The algae’s waste provides oxygen – hence the car’s name – for both the O2 itself and the
surrounding environment. This is exciting stuff, and a world away from the original Hummer ethos. The O2 runs on fuel cells built into each wheel, which drive independent hydraulic
motors when fed hydrogen from a central tank. [Via Engadget]

This is all very worthy but the O2 remains very much a concept car and nothing more. GM has no immediate plans to green-light its production. Click below for more photos of the O2… or click here to check out more Brandish car features and news.





Cool, huh.

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