Mi Jam electric guitar

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Tsk, air guitars are so 20th century, grandad. And actual proper electric guitars are even more boring. The hot new thing (we hope) is the Mi Jam guitar, which costs just £26.99, but is a world of musical fun in your hands. Something like that, anyway.

Basically, you can play it as a ‘normal’ guitar, with background rhythms if you want. But better still, you can plug it into any audio device, including iPods, other MP3 players, stereos and PCs, and play along with your favourite tunes. 

And it lets you cheat, too. There are tempo, pitch and volume controls to keep you in tune, and a strum bar which makes it easier to pick out notes, riffs and chords without needing a degree in axe-ology. There are four sound styles too: heavy metal, rock, blues and bass. Sorry, acoustic balladeers, there’s no ‘wimpy Blunt’ setting.

It’s shot to the top of our Christmas lists, along with its Mi Jam Stage Mic accessory that you can use to bawl along to your riffery. Needless to say, both should be turned up to 11... And they’d team perfectly with gadgets like the Rhythm Sticks or the Lightcast home laser show.

(Mi Jam website)

By admin | December 5th, 2006