London Underground retro rug

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This rug, at first glance, might look simply like a stylish little rug with a cheeky nod to pop-art. Now, let’s take a closer look at it and… BINGO BANGO… that’s right! It’s the London Underground rug. The ‘Interchange’ is a unique collection based on the classic 20th century
design icon, namely, the tube map. It’s a growing range of digital
materials and digital objects positioned for the design-concious,
visually literate 21st century citizen. If you haven’t guessed, that’s from the official blurb.

What you get is a suave white background with the station interchange sat atop the red, pink, amber and black lines of the iconic map. It’s much more inventive that your usual rug, and available for around £750. BUY IT

via RetroToGo