Retro NES skin for Nintendo Wii

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Those of you who are lucky enough to already own a Wii, your life isn’t quite complete yet. Why. Because you need the superb retro NES skin for your Nintendo! It’s called the Retro Revolution which gives a nod to the original codename for the "Wii" (‘revolution’) and not merely some random name plucked from a hat.

As you can see, the front panel has ace detail and the glossy finish. Extra care has been taken on this next-gen console to cover as much as possible, minimize gaps between panels, and give fellow Wii owners a skin kit that does the box justice.

The skin is made from the best materials – thin enough to cover both sides but still fit in the OEM stand, with a glossy finish to protect from scratches. It won’t fade, smudge, smear, or leave any nasty residue when removed. How much for something this great? £15. BUY IT NOW