Powerizers, for wannabe superheroes

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Powerizers is a slightly rubbish name for a product, admittedly, but it probably sounds good being bellowed by an American TV ad voiceover artist. Powerizers strap onto your shoes, giving you big boosty muscle-substitutes that allegedly let you jump six feet in the air. I’ve always found a big house spider has that effect on me.

The devices have curved springs on their bases, which use The Power Of Gravitational Energy to make you move like a superhero. A slightly gangly superhero with a frightened expression on his face, of course. But that’s cool.

Apparently if you get really expert, you can do backflips and basketball slam dunks (although I’m fairly sure the NBA frowns on this sort of athletic aid in competitive matches). Boysstuff will sell you a pair for £210. BUY IT