Ceramic crinkle cups

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Crinkle_cupPeople often want to appear quirky and interesting. There’s nothing wrong with that unless you go down the novelty tie route, which as we all know, will make you more unpopular than the plague (even if you are trying to be ironic).

Well, a nifty little way of doing it is to buy some of these crinkle cups. They look like something you’ve found in a hedge… but wait! These are made from porcelain. So instead of merely getting a dull thing that only serves to hold a drink, buy something that looks great and off-the-wall.

The Crinkle Cup starts at around £5 for small sized cup, and is made in the
Netherlands and will be sure to intrigue your guests. Just don’t throw ’em out in the rubbish. BUY IT

By mofgimmers | December 14th, 2006