Navman Navpix GPS system

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GPS satellite navigation is going to be increasingly popular in 2007, and not just because it puts an end to those testy in-car rows between you and your better half (mainly because you’re united in shouting at the annoyingly plummy satnav voice directions instead).

That said, satnav is getting cleverer in a whole bunch of ways. Navman’s GPS devices, for example, include a new tech called Navpix, which is basically photos of places, with their geographic data embedded into the image.


While using the device, select a photo, and you’ll be given full
directions to the location. And if you’e got one of the newer Navman
models like the N40i or N60i, which have built-in cameras, you can make
your own Navpix of your most common destinations.

Meanwhile, Navman has also created something called the Navpix Guide to Christmas Shopping, turning ten of "the most interesting and unique" shops in London into Navpix, which can be downloaded to your device. As long as it doesn’t direct you anywhere near Oxford Street, that’ll be grand.

By admin | December 14th, 2006