John Denver & The Muppets Xmas album

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Pah to Phil Spector! Bing Crosby? Schming Crosby more like! And Mariah Carey? Christ. You can throw away all your Christmas albums now, and just buy this. It’s called ‘A Christmas Together’, and is by doomed country singer John Denver and the Muppets.

It’s got all the classics: Deck The Halls, We Wish You A Merry Christmas, and a riotous version of The Twelve Days of Christmas with a different muppet doing every line, while Denver struggles to be heard in the background.

I owned this as a kid, and it’s amazing. Really. And I’m damned if buying it for £8.99 only to find that it’s actually, in fact, rubbish is going to sway my opinion. BUY IT