Vertu Ascent Motorsport box-set

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Owning a Vertu mobile (Nokia’s luxury mini-brand) is a sign that you have more money than sense – so it’s perfect for Premiership footballers, soap stars and other C-listers.

Anyway, Vertu has
decided to package all six of its Ascent Racetrack Legend phones into a
specially crafted box-set. The collection includes the four current Motorsport phones, as well as the two new
Monaco and Nurburgring handsets, which will be released next year. Also included in the box of is a book and six certificates of
authenticity, signed by the president of
Vertu and the presidents of the respective racetracks. Classy? Hmm, not really. And why would anyone want six mobile phones?

Only 51
of the sets will be made with the serial numbers 0001 to 0050 and 0888
(don’t ask us why they’ve chosen 888). Expect to pay around £30,000 for
‘privilege’ of owning one; but don’t expect any sympathy if you have
all six nicked by opportunistic chav-thieves. [Via Engadget Mobile]

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