Bennie and Olive left/right mittens

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For the first time this year, I stepped outside and my teeth began to chatter. Yep, the cold is beginning to bite and I need something to keep me warm.

Well, I’ve already got myself a nice Gloverall Duffel coat, so now I need something to keep my hands warm, and these Bennie and Olive Left/Right Mittens will do the trick nicely… and they look ace! Always handy for those who struggle with following directions, or, for the brawlers of you, people will be able to identify you mean right hook from afar.

The mittens are available in green jersey with mint/brown appliqués and brown lining or black jersey with blue/brown appliqués and black lining. They’re handwash only, and a decent price at

$37.00. Shipping is 1-2 days so get on it quick! BUY THEM