Unmask Skype liars with a KishKish lie-detector

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Millions of people are using the Skype application to make calls for free over the internetweb, but how many of them are honest, hmm? The KishKish Lie Detector plug-in aims to let you know when you’re getting Porkies Over IP, by analysing the stress levels in their voice.

Once downloaded, every time you make a Skype call, it shows four indicators of the person you’re talking to’s stress level. There’s a needle that moves up and down, in traditional lie-detector stylee. There’s a meter that measures their stress level from 1 to 100, a green light that goes red if their level jumps, and a message telling you if their stress level is High or Normal.

They’ve even tested it on Ex President Clinton, who FOR SOME REASON appeared to have higher than usual stress levels when denying that he’d had "sexual relations with that woman". GET IT or check out the rest of our Accessories category.