Travel mini bar

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Playboy have recently done a feature on this splendid item. This brilliant travel bar can make sure that, if your good book hipflask doesn’t hold enough booze and drink related items, you really can get hammered anywhere in the world.

It’s pretty much got everything you need for the ultimate party (apart from a DJ) and is all housed in a nice leatherette cocktail case with swish velvet interior. The case contains shakers for your cocktails, strainers, two martini glasses, tongs and something called jiggers (answers on a postcard).

Naturally, there is room for two bottles of your favorite tipple which of course, are not included.

It measures at 10" W x 14 1/2" H and features polished clasps and hardware, a removable adjustable leatherette carry strap, cocktail service for two and the lining is a classy mahogany and tan lining. Retailing for around £60 if you’re quick! BUY IT

By mofgimmers | December 19th, 2006