Futuristic i-Theater specs

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Are you into the X-Men and want to look like that Cyclops bloke? Or maybe you just want to look like a man of the future? Well, you can… and watch films at the same time!

Mikimoto-Beans has introduced the i-Theater which is the all new high quality video glasses for your iPod video (or any other device with AV outputs). It features 2 high resolution TFT displays with QVGA resolution, 230K pixels and comes with two built-in earphones, so when you’re watching a film you get the sound in stereo and more importantly, you don’t do everyone’s heads in.

The i-Theater is light weight and it fits nicely on your face and includes a unique converter that allows i-Theater to work on other
devices through AV connection. Mikimoto-Beans’ i-Theater is a friendly i-Pod accessorry and also an
one-of-a-kind device for iPod Video and is only available in silver. Pricey at $299, but worth it if you want to show off. BUY IT