The Big Lebowski T-shirt

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LebowskibaseballshirtIn my opinion, you’re not worth knowing if you don’t like The Big Lebowski. Keen eyed readers will have already clocked this shirt as the one worn by The Dude when he first hears of the abduction.

The shirt is an exact copy (minus a few stains I imagine) of the classic Japanese baseball shirt worn in the film. For those of you who are worried about who the player is, if you’re asked, you can quip "Oh, it’s Kaoru Betto, who played for the Osaka Tigers in 1948 & 1949… yeah, he was known as ‘the Gentleman of Baseball’. This recreation is faithful to the original and is printed on a tan and brown raglan just like the Dude’s. A must have for $21.95. BUY IT