USB rocket launcher

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Are you at war with the rest of your office? Ever thought about buying a rocket launcher to take out your boss? Sadly, we can’t offer you surface to air missiles and the like, but we can show you this great little gadget.

With the ability to connect (and simultaneously control) an almost unlimited number of missile launchers (well, only limited by your system memory and number of USB ports), the USB Laser Guided Missile Launcher will empower you to unleash something akin to total office annihilation. Not only will you achieve strength with the size of your battery of missiles, they will be accurate too thanks to the built-in laser missile aiming system that allows you to aim and fire your weapons with close to pinpoint accuracy!

All you have to do is point the red laser dot at your target and slowly squeeze your
mouse trigger finger. However, should you choose to opt for a stealth
ambush, the laser can also be easily turned off.
Included 3-D software features sounds effects and also an optional Lite
software version for just basic missile controls (aim, fire, laser
on/off). $55? You couldn’t buy half a nuclear weapon for that! BUY IT

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By mofgimmers | December 22nd, 2006