Predicta Meteor retro TV

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TVs have been overlooked by designers for far too long. By and large, television sets look the same, all with an eye on being sleek and ‘futuristic’. Well, thanks to the clever folks at Predicta, you can now get something that will be retro and cool, as well as having all mod cons.

Predicta is a modern company making TVs heavily influenced by fifties design and have a website full of bizarre and unusual TVs. The Meteor, the quirkiest of the models is designed by Mike L. Scott and has aircraft/UFO inspired legs, a hand-built hardwood cabinet and a 24-inch screen, which pivots on a polished brass collar.

Even though these sets are distinctly backward looking, they’re still jam packed with the latest technology which means you can easily connect it up with your cable and DVD player.

Drop Predicta an email to see where they’ll deliver and for a price for your chosen set. Click here to find out more.

[via RetroToGo]