Cocktail Carousel

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CocktailcarouselIf you’re old enough, chances are alcohol features heavily in your life. Booze is your best pal when you’re down in the dumps, and also there for you when you are celebrating. This planet is full to bursting with drunks. Well, for the suave drinker, why not show off to your mates with this cracking Cocktail Carousel?

It dispenses one 1.5-oz. shot at a time and automatically refills the dispenser-no need to carefully measure to mix the perfect drink… just like proper optics! The bottles rotate for easy and swish selection and it looks superior than having them all on the shelves of your kitchen next to the Daddies sauce. Ideal for drinking indoors after a session with your travel bar or loading up with a sneaky book/hipflask! BUY IT for around £30