Bomberman Bakuhatu Plush Bomb Toy

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Fans of Bomberman, listen up. You can now get your hands on a big fat comedy Bomberman bomb to kick and throw around your house! The Bomberman Bakuhatu Plush Bomb is a must have for Nintendo aficionados the world over.

The Japanese word "Bakuhatu" means "Explode" and that’s what Bomberman’s bombs do. These rascals sport a lit fuse on top and a sound chip inside. When the chip is triggered, various sounds roar forth from the innards of the plush which are meant to recreate explosive video game FX. This means you get the cool  "BOOM!" and "POM!" sounds which are lovingly sampled from the original games. They come in two colours and are on offer and preorders now, ready to ship in mid to late June 2007. BUY IT