Belkin’s TuneStudio for iPod

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iPods? A thing of many uses. Listening to tunes. Watching movies. Throwing at the cat. Well, the clever souls at Belkin have found yet another way of using your iPod – the TuneStudio audio mixer for iPod.

The TuneStudio is the perfect accessory for any new band looking to record a demo track.

Available for the 5th-generation iPod, the four-channel audio mixer that lets you create digital recordings directly onto your iPod, with inputs for up to four different instruments or audio sources. Basically, plug in, make a racket, adjust the settings and roll one up while you listen to your latest masterpiece.

That’s not all. The TuneStudio is also aimed at budding podcasters, who can use the add-on to record
shows that can be easily uploaded for circulation. As yet, there’s no
confirmed date for this in the UK, but it will arrive sometime after
the US launch, where it will retails for $179.99 (around £95). For more, see the Belkin website. [via]