Rubber Duck Darth Vader

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Annakin Skywalker started out as the most promising Jedi ever. The second coming. The one. Then he went to the dark side and became Darth Vader… or was that Duck Vader? You see, Lord Vader has been immortalized as a flashing rubber duck and it wants to join you in the bath.

This floating Sith detects when he’s in water and immediately starts to emit a soothing purple-blue-red-green fading glow. Duck Fader (as this product is called) comes with his own built-in long lasting batteries that enable the mellow LEDs to turn on when in water, and they also extinguish when he is removed from the water… which means he could brighten up over 300 of your baths! For under £7, you can’t grumble at this little Star Wars gem… for those of you who can’t shell out £1,500 on an all singing and dancing R2-D2. BUY IT

By mofgimmers | January 10th, 2007