Converse Constar

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Converse are slap bang in the middle of a renaissance at the moment. Their Chuck Taylor boots have become hugely popular again after being reclaimed from punks and Ramones’ fans. Well, there is more to Converse than Chucks. Converse also do a great line in street trainers, and this tennis inspired shoe seems to have a bit of everything from club, to hip-hop, to court… and a bit of seventies retro thrown in. This means you can get away with these almost anywhere.

This particular pair are available nationwide and are priced at a very reasonable £44.99. Made from leather with a suede toe, these shoes are a must-have. Also available in brown. BUY THEM

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By mofgimmers | January 11th, 2007

  • defiant

    Great if you’re a size 7! Completely sold out of all other sizes!!

  • billy

    Totally. You can order them from the states but then shipping costs more than the shoes (plus the always fun duty and brokerage fees).